Mike Germon, “Bootstrap Paradox”

Mike Germon talks about his exhibition, “Bootstrap Paradox.” The show runs March 3-31, 2012 at Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta. About the show: “Scientific theories about time travel and their literary interpretations provide the narrative framework for the pieces in Mike Germon’s newest collection of work. The inevitable paradoxes therein are mirrored in both form and content in collages combining chronologically disparate source material.” Also available on: Vimeo – iTunes – Blip.tv Continue reading Mike Germon, “Bootstrap Paradox”

Marcus Kenney at Marcia Wood

Marcus Kenney presents Romance 2020, a solo exhibition of sculptures and paintings in his signature style of collaging and assembling a broad range of found materials. Marcus Kenney creates whimsical, disturbing paintings and sculptures of elaborately and meticulously-collaged found materials. Jerry Cullum wrote in The Atlanta Journal Constitution in 2004, “The technique of collage has rarely been put to more intelligently entertaining uses.” Tangible objects – toothbrushes, cigar labels, human hair, wall paper – signify to the viewer the implications in the works of art in the context of Kenney’s juxtaposition of them, as he questions abstract ideas of beauty, … Continue reading Marcus Kenney at Marcia Wood