#FLUXNight, Storified

#atlanta #fluxnight Small Meteorites w/ David Yu http://instagr.am/p/Qdmlg2uFgQ/ Elly Green Sat, Oct 06 2012 18:24:30 ReplyRetweetFavorite I was a victim of social trolling. #fluxnight http://instagr.am/p/QdnOvfnRD2/ Joshua Bean Sat, Oct 06 2012 18:32:57 ReplyRetweetFavorite Can’t take my eyes off of @gloATL ‘s Act of Devotion #fluxnight #fluxprojects http://pic.twitter.com/JeykhSam Haddon GK Sat, Oct 06 2012 18:21:09 ReplyRetweetFavorite Ben Rollins’ “This Sacred Life” at #fluxnight http://instagr.am/p/QdopZ7j2t8/ Jason Parker Sat, Oct 06 2012 18:44:48 ReplyRetweetFavorite #fluxnight http://instagr.am/p/Qdn0dGIsJ7/ Muriel Vega Sat, Oct 06 2012 18:35:25 ReplyRetweetFavorite Ceiling of Blackbirds #fluxnight #Atlanta http://instagr.am/p/QdmymoRoTA/ Meredith Placko Sat, Oct 06 2012 18:26:37 ReplyRetweetFavorite #FluxStyle @CNNiReport #Fluxnight scavenger hunt … Continue reading #FLUXNight, Storified

#FLUX2011: What Twitter Saw

For those of us interested in such things, here’s a complete report of all the Twitter posts tagged with #FLUX2011. I think it’s an interesting way to visualize what people were talking about.

214 tweets were seen by 65,390 people who among them saw #FLUX2011 tweets 158,510 times.

This is from TweetReach.com and goes from Sept. 24 to about noon on Oct. 1.

You can also download a PDF with pie charts, impressions ranking and such: Tweet Reach for #flux2011.

Twitter posts tagged with #flux2011


Cre8iveone: Perfect for post #flux2011 great times!!! (@ Bagel Palace) http://t.co/4FjpkvIL
Sat, 01 Oct 2011 16:38:45


adamseger: RT @HUMStyle: An @humnews supporter w/a delish #humspirits cocktail in hand thx 2 @humspirits @adamseger #flux2011 http://t.co/lEntyVEW
Sat, 01 Oct 2011 13:17:10


WEDesignAtlanta: @FluxProjects this was one of our favorite parts of #flux2011. Hats off to all involved for doing such a great job! http://t.co/f9hq0IzB
Sat, 01 Oct 2011 12:43:44

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Flux 2010 Presentation

At Saltworks Gallery in Atlanta on Saturday, Sept. 17, executive director of Flux Projects Anne Dennington talked about FLUX 2010, Flux Projects’ one-night public art celebration in Castleberry Hill, to take place on Friday, Oct. 1. Dennington gave an overview of FLUX, an introduction to the projects and discussed how attendees can best enjoy this year’s event. We streamed it live and below is an archive of Anne’s talk. Continue reading Flux 2010 Presentation